EAGLE Gravois Park Leadership

Meggie Meisinger, Principal

Ms. Meisinger served as the Founding Dean of Students for EAGLE Gravois Park and now serves as the Principal. She is committed to ensuring the children of St. Louis have access to an excellent education and she wholeheartedly believes in the EAGLE approach, “Expecting Academic Greatness With a Loving Emphasis”. Ms. Meisinger was a founding member of the teaching staff at EAGLE Tower Grove South. In her four years at EAGLE Tower Grove South she served as Lead Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten Instructional Coach, School Operations Manager, and Dean of Students. Under her leadership, the kindergarten team consistently achieved high academic gains every year. As the Dean of Students, Ms. Meisinger introduced the use of mindfulness-based interventions and the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model, resulting in a more positive and supportive learning environment. Prior to joining EAGLE, Ms. Meisinger was a Teach For America Corps Member and taught preschool and second grade in Saint Louis Public Schools. Ms. Meisinger has completed two highly-selective fellowships, the LEE Summer Policy & Advocacy Fellowship and the TFA Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship. Ms. Meisinger is an alumna of Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Amherst College and a Master of Education in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri- St. Louis.