St. Louis Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for EAGLE College Prep are all volunteers who care passionately about effective academic and character education for children in St. Louis. They work carefully with the faculty and administrators to serve the children of EAGLE and help them soar.

The Board is committed to open communication with the school’s constituents—families, community members and staff of our school.  Constituents are welcome to attend the bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors.  The Board is very interested in citizen viewpoints and problems; however, citizens are encouraged to work through problems at the school level before coming to the Board.  Remarks will be limited to three minutes and to one appearance, thus allowing a maximum number of participants in the allotted time period in which citizens are to speak to issues.

Board Members 

The board meetings are held at 7:00 pm at the EAGLE Fox Park campus on the following dates:

Board Meeting Calendar 2020-21

Any questions or comments for the Board of Directors should be directed to


Notice is hereby given that the EAGLE College Prep Endeavor Board of Directors, pursuant to Missouri Revised Statute, Subsection one (1) of Section 610.021, RSMo, will conduct a virtual meeting of the Board of Directors, on November 23, 2020.

Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 868 6352 7975
Passcode: 234579        Phone:  312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Notice updated on November 16, 2020 at 2:15 p.m.

Agendas & Minutes

Board Agenda 5.16                      Board Minutes 5.16

Board Agenda 7.16                      Board Minutes 7.16

Board Agenda 9.1.16                   Board Minutes 9.1.16

Board Agenda 9.26.16                 Board Minutes 9.26.16

Board Agenda 11.16                     Board Minutes 11.16

Board Agenda 1.17                       Board Minutes 1.17

Board Agenda 3.17                       Board Minutes 3.17

Board Agenda 5.17                       Board Minutes 5.17

Board Agenda 7.17                       Board Minutes 7.17

Board Agenda 9.17                       Board Minutes 9.17

Board Agenda 11.17                      Board Minutes 11.17

Board Agenda 12.18.17                 Board Minutes 12.18.17

Board Agenda 1.18                        Board Minutes 1.18

Board Agenda 3.18                        Board Minutes 3.18

Board Agenda 5.18                        Board Minutes 5.18

Board Agenda 7.18                        Board Minutes 7.18

Board Agenda 9.18                        Board Minutes 9.18

Board Agenda 11.18                      Board Minutes 11.18

Board Agenda 12.17.18                 Board Minutes 12.17.18

Board Agenda 1.19                        Board Minutes 1.19

Board Agenda 3.19                        Board Minutes 3.19

Board Agenda 5.19                        Board Minutes 5.19

Board Agenda 6.19                        Board Minutes 6.19

Board Agenda 7.19                        Board Minutes 7.19

Board Agenda 9.19                        Board Minutes 9.19_corrected

Board Agenda 11.19                      Board Minutes 11.2019

Board Agenda 11.18.19                 Board Minutes 11.18.19

Board Agenda 12.6.19-12.8.19      Board Minutes 12.6-8.2019

Executive Committee Board Agenda 1.7.2020

Special Board Agenda 1.9.2020 Rev        Special Board Minutes 1.9.2020

Board Agenda 1.2020                    Board Minutes 1.2020

Board Agenda 3.2020                    Board Minutes 3.2020

Executive Committee Board Agenda 4.16.20 – Rev                 Board Minutes 4.16.20

Board Agenda 4.2020                    Board Minutes 4.2020

Executive Committee Board Agenda 5.1.2020            EC Board Minutes 5.1.20

Executive Committee Board Agenda 5.16.2020            EC Board Minutes 5.16.20

Board Agenda 6.2020             Board Minutes 06.2020

Special Board Agenda 7.20.20                Special Board Minutes 7.20.2020

Board Agenda 7.2020              Board Minutes 7.2020

Board Agenda 9.2020

Board Agenda 11.2020