Month: March 2020 Articles

Why Art Matters

In education, it’s all about the 3 R’s―Readin’, wRitin’, and ‘Rithmatic.   But what about aRt?  As priority is given to Math and English, art is often left behind, to the detriment of students. Art in Limbo For decades, art has spent most of its time on deck for the chopping block.  As federal and state …

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Sitting teacher surrounded by students

Talking to Kids About Difficult Topics in the News

Global warming.  The opioid epidemic.  School shootings. Pandemics.  We want to keep our kids in a bubble and protect them from the harsh realities in the outside world but we can’t pretend that bad news is nothing big and that life is filled with puppies and rainbows.  The news is loaded with terrible and frightening …

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What Makes a Successful Charter School?

Despite the growing popularity of charter schools across the country, their success isn’t always certain.  Charter schools face challenges of their own, but schools that have achieved longevity and success have done so with dedication and a stern focus on their missions: offering their communities choices in education that go above and beyond test scores.  …

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