Month: February 2020 Articles

How Parent Involvement Can Strengthen Charter Schools

Like public schools, charter schools rely on the parents of students to help fill gaps in funding and staff support but parent volunteers are more important than that; they enrich the school experience for students and teachers.  From donation of supplies to volunteering their time, when parents get involved with their children’s education, everybody wins. …

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What’s the Difference Between Charter Schools and Public Schools?

The number of charter schools in the U.S. has been on the rise and in the 2017-18 school year, more than 7,000 charter schools across the U.S. had 3.2 million students enrolled.  For many people, charter schools are considered “alternative” schools but what are they, really?  What’s the difference between charter schools and public schools? …

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Teaching Empathy in the Classroom

Today’s children are growing up in a world much different than their parents.  Even in elementary school, social media dominates communication and by moving much of their human interaction online, they aren’t learning and developing true empathy as they would by having one-on-one interactions with peers.  Social media makes it easy to bully others or …

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