EAGLE Schools Recognized by St. Louis Post Dispatch

St. Louis Post Dispatch | Blythe Bernhard & Janelle O'Dea

Great news that our family of EAGLE Schools were recognized in the St. Louis Post Dispatch for being in the top 10 for improvement in both ELA and math.

  • EAGLE surpassed SLPS in all measures in 2019.
  • EAGLE math scores are 28.5 points higher than SLPS and ELA is 7.7 points better.

EAGLE schools (TGS, TGE, FP) had improvement in both ELA and Math MPI scores and percent of students proficient and advanced.

This happens by combining high academic expectations with a personal understanding of each child and through and emphasis on character development so that scholars begin to understand their purpose in the world. We will continue to deliver the promise of EAGLE, which is “Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis.” We combine academic expectations with support and growth of the whole child. These are the intangibles of education that are not always talked about or measured, and they are important at EAGLE.

When it comes to our EAGLE scholars education, we’re a team. Thank you for the privilege to serve your family!

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