EAGLE: Growing people with lasting character

EAGLE College Preparatory Schools | EAGLE St. Louis

Character has become a big focus in education. Many schools have named character-building as one of their goals. In EAGLE schools, “character” is more than an academic add-on. It’s woven into everything we do.

EAGLE schools use lessons and programming from the Character Formation Project as the basis for helping our scholars form character. It is our goal that the character they shape here will last beyond the classroom walls and shape a lifetime of virtuous living.

Here are some key reasons why of our character formation programming is unique:

  • It’s built to last. There is a difference between forming character through external motivations (“behave this way and you’ll get this reward”) and forming internally motivated character (“what is the right choice for me in this situation?”). Our unique approach is focused on building character from the inside out.
  • It’s for everyone. In our schools, teachers and scholars are traveling together on their character formation journey. Character formation discussions are woven into our faculty meetings and are a part of our performance reviews. It’s more than activities for kids… It is part of who we are as an organization of people.
  • The stories are diverse and vivid. Our library contains hundreds of stories of heroes who were challenged in some way. Our character formation discussions invite Character Growers to stand in the shoes of these heroes, imagine what it was like to be there, and reflect on their own situation. We discuss our own Identity and Purpose in light of the hero’s experience. The connections are powerful!

Parents can join in by asking their children about the stories and virtues they are learning. How powerful it is for scholars, teachers and family members to grow character together! After all, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”