Faculty and Staff

EAGLE College Prep: Mesa

Salary Increase

EAGLE College Prepatory Schools is pleased to offer an increase in pay of 11% for our 2018-2019 faculty and staff at EAGLE Mesa. We look forward to additional raises in the future along with the expected increases in state funding. 

School Staff

enid.thompson [at] eagleprep.org (S)stacey.pretzel [at] eagleprep.org (tacey Pretzel), Kindergarten

cyndi.carfi [at] eagleprep.org (Y)yvette.dulaney [at] eagleprep.org (vette Dulaney), 1st Grade

Caterina.Cornejo [at] eagleprep.org (H)heather.hinz [at] eagleprep.org (eather Hinz),  2nd Grade

Brianda Rivera,  1st and 2nd Grade Educational Assistant

Morgan.Daymude [at] eagleprep.org (L)linda.chandler [at] eagleprep.org (inda Chandler),  3rd Grade

deseret.brown [at] eagleprep.org (K)kristi.frattone [at] eagleprep.org (risti Frattone), 4th Grade

Jessica McPeak,  4th Grade Educational Assistant

dusty.hanson [at] eagleprep.org (Dusty Hanson), 5th Grade

jim.herbert [at] eagleprep.org (Jim Herbert), 6th Grade

chelsea.curran [at] eagleprep.org (Chelsea Curran), Art and Writing

richard.edgar [at] eagleprep.org (Richard Edgar), P.E.

Lisa Escalante, Title I Services

alan.willson [at] eagleprep.org (Alan Willson), SPED Teacher