Faculty and Staff

EAGLE College Prep: Maryvale

Salary Increase

EAGLE College Prepatory Schools is pleased to offer an increase in pay of 7.5% for our 2018-2019 faculty and staff at EAGLE Maryvale. We look forward to additional raises in the future along with the expected increases in state funding. 

School Team

yesenia.fitzhugh [at] eagleprep.org (Yesenia Fitzhugh), Principal

tina.abaie [at] eagleprep.org (Tina Abaie), Dean of Students

sandy.macias [at] eagleprep.org (Sandy Macias), Director of Operations

ana.martinez [at] eagleprep.org (Ana Martinez), Office Manager

martha.rodriguez [at] eagleprep.org (Martha Rodriguez), Office Assistant

rachel.stork [at] eagleprep.org (Rachel Stork), Kindergarten Teacher

christina.hill [at] eagleprep.org (Christina Hill), Kindergarten Teacher

areli.oseguera [at] eagleprep.org (Areli Oseguera), Kindergarten Educational Assistant

julie.verlei [at] eagleprep.org (Julie Verlei), 1st Grade Teacher

alyssa.sumatzkuku [at] eagleprep.org (Alyssa Sumatzkuku), 1st Grade Educational Assistant

jessica.whynott [at] eagleprep.org (Jessica Whynott), 2nd Grade Teacher/Title 1 Coordinator

liliana.scott [at] eagleprep.org (Lilianna Scott), 2nd Grade Educational Assistant

sara.camarena [at] eagleprep.org (Sara Camarena), 3rd Grade Teacher

diane.davis [at] eagleprep.org (Diane Davis), 3rd Grade Educational Assistant

christina.ondrey [at] eagleprep.org (Christina Ondrey), 4th Grade Teacher

kelsie.clark [at] eagleprep.org (Kelsie Clark), 4th Grade Educational Assistant

ashley.mason [at] eagleprep.org (Ashley Mason), 5th Grade Teacher

miriam.ramirez-carlson [at] eagleprep.org (Miriam Ramirez-Carlson), 5th Grade Educational Assistant

ryan.verlei [at] eagleprep.org (Ryan Verlei), 1st - 4th Grade PE Teacher

samantha.williams [at] eagleprep.org (Samantha Williams), 1st - 4th Grade Science & Literacy Teacher

ceyanna.trehern [at] eagleprep.org (Ceyanna Trehern), 5th Grade Science and PE Teacher

brenda.grams [at] eagleprep.org (Brenda Grams), Title 1 Educational Assistant

julissa.venegas [at] eagleprep.org (Julissa Venegas), Custodian