Frequently Asked Questions

EAGLE College Prep: Fox Park

Does EAGLE charge tuition?
No! There is no tuition or cost to attend EAGLE College Preparatory Schools®. It is a FREE public, charter school.

Do the students at EAGLE wear uniforms?
Yes, EAGLE students will be required to wear uniforms to school.

Does EAGLE provide special education and speech therapy for students?
Yes, both Special Education and Speech Therapy classes will be available for eligible students. EAGLE will meet the needs of all learners, providing them the tools and strategies to become successful students.

Is busing or other transportation to and from school available?
At this time, there will be no busing or transportation provided.

Is there lunch?
Yes, EAGLE provides our scholars with breakfast and a nutritious lunch daily.

Are parents required to volunteer?
Parents of EAGLE students are expected to volunteer 20 hours per year. Parent volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

Is there standardized testing?
Yes, EAGLE students will take the Missouri MAP test in 3rd-8th grade.