Faculty Directory

2017 - 2018 Staff

Leadership Team
- crystal.danzy [at] eagleprep.org (Crystal Danzy), Principal
- Ecaterina.Avelar [at] eagleprep.org (Ecaterina Avelar), Dean of Students/ELL director
- michael.macdonald [at] eagleprep.org (Michael MacDonald), Dean of Students Middle School
- Frances.DeWindt [at] eagleprep.org (Frances DeWindt), School Operations Manager
- Glenna.Steiner [at] eagleprep.org (Glenna Steiner,) Dean of Instruction/Title 1 Director
Office Staff
- Melissa.Velez [at] eagleprep.org (Melissa Velez), Receptionist
-marianne.welker [at] eagleprep.org ( Marianne Welker), NSLP
Special Education
- melody.fryberger [at] eagleprep.org (Melody Fryberger), Special Education Teacher
- Derick.Rosenbaum [at] eagleprep.org (Derick Rosenbaum), Small group intervention teacher
- Carol.Campbell [at] eagleprep.org (Carol Campbell), Special Education
- dalia.figueroa [at] eagleprep.org (Dalia Figueroa), Special Education
Title 1 Reading
- audrey.drewitz [at] eagleprep.org (Audrey Drewitz), Title 1 teacher
- arielle.deloney [at] eagleprep.org (Arielle Deloney)
- stacey.pretzel [at] eagleprep.org (Stacey Pretzel)
- melody.alanis [at] eagleprep.org (Melody Alanis)
First Grade
- ana.hernandez [at] eagleprep.org (Ana Hernandez)
- Shirley.Cervantes [at] eagleprep.org (Shirley Cervantes)
- alyssa.anselm [at] eagleprep.org (Alyssa Anselm)
Second Grade
- sarah.norton [at] eagleprep.org (Sarah Norton)
-Rachel.Frankenhauser [at] eagleprep.org ( Rachel Frankenhauser)
- samantha.ortiz [at] eagleprep.org (Samantha Ortiz)
Third Grade
- constance.tracy [at] eagleprep.org (Constance Tracy)
- Ashley.Farris [at] eagleprep.org (Ashley Farris)
- Alexandra.Fann [at] eagleprep.org (Alexandra Fann)
Fourth Grade
- daniel.trumpis [at] eagleprep.org (Daniel Trumpis)
-barbara.bagwill [at] eagleprep.org ( Barbara Bagwill)
- emily.altermatt [at] eagleprep.org (Emily Altermatt)
Fifth Grade
- Cynthia.House [at] eagleprep.org (Cynthia House), Math
- aaron.terry [at] eagleprep.org (Aaron Terry), Science/Social Studies
Sixth Grade
- john.batty [at] eagleprep.org (John Batty), Science/Social Studies
- lisa.goodthunder [at] eagleprep.org (Lisa Goodthunder,) ELA
- melissa.myers [at] eagleprep.org (Melissa Myers), Math
Seventh/Eighth Grade
- kristen.wade [at] eagleprep.org (Kristen Wade), ELA
- suzy.law [at] eagleprep.org (Suzy Law), Writing
- Joan.McFadden [at] eagleprep.org (Joan McFadden), Math
-april.batty [at] eagleprep.org ( April Batty), Science
- michael.accordino [at] eagleprep.org (Michael Accordino), Social Studies
- jared.bader [at] eagleprep.org (Jared Bader), Music
- shayla.henderson [at] eagleprep.org (Shayla Henderson), PE
- Serena.Ramirez [at] eagleprep.org (Serena Ramirez), PE
- tamara.haller [at] eagleprep.org (Tamara Haller), Art
Learning Lab Coordinators
- darryl.ordell [at] eagleprep.org (Darryl Ordell), Lab Assistant
- tracy.robinson [at] eagleprep.org (Tracy Robinson), Lab Assistant
Educational Assistants
layla.scheller [at] eagleprep.org (Layla Scheller)
- sylvia.ezell [at] eagleprep.org (Sylvia Ezell)
amanda.matteson [at] eagleprep.org (Amanda Matteson)
- ray.carbajal [at] eagleprep.org (Rey Carbajal)
- kennedy.holt [at] eagleprep.org (Kennedy Holt)
Itinerant Staff
- Tina Pieper, Speech Pathologist
- Eleutheria Company, Occupational Therapist
- Dr. Rose Nunez, Psychologist
- Melissa Duerr, Hearing Impairment Services
Safe Routes to School
-Cristina.McKenney [at] eagleprep.org ( Cristina McKenney)
Governing Board
southmountainboard [at] eagleprep.org (Matt Fryberger), Community Member, Chairperson
- Carlie Back, Business Member
- Susan Rojas, Parent Member, Secretary