Frequently Asked Questions

Does EAGLE charge tuition?

No! There is no tuition or cost to attend EAGLE College Prep.  It is a FREE public, charter school.

Do the students at EAGLE wear uniforms?

Yes, EAGLE students will be required to wear uniforms to school.  Click here for the EAGLE Prep Uniform Policy.

Does EAGLE provide Special Education and Speech Therapy for students?

Yes, both Special Education and Speech Therapy classes will be available for students.  EAGLE will meet the needs of all learners, providing them the tools and strategies to become successful students.

Is busing or other transportation to and from school available? 

At this time, there will be no busing or transportation provided.

Is there Hot Lunch?

A cold, nutritious lunch with milk will be offered at a cost of $3.00 per meal per day, Monday through Thursday. Friday’s are “Pizza Friday” at the same cost. EAGLE also participates in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program for those who qualify. Click here for more information about the Cold Lunch Program.

What parent organizations exist to support the school?

The initial parent organization meeting took place after the EAGLE College Prep Groundbreaking Ceremony, May 7, 2008.  Check the school calendar for additional meeting dates!  Please see the PTA page for more information.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Parents of EAGLE students are expected to volunteer 10 per year. Parent volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!

Is there Standardized Testing?

Yes, EAGLE students will be tested with both the Stanford 10 and AIMS tests in April.

What is a Charter School?

Charter Schools are:

  • publicly funded, and are not vouchers for private schools.
  • open to all students.
  • pioneers and innovators in public education.
  • meeting parents’ needs.
  • appealing places to work for teachers.
  • committed to improving public education.
  • operated by an exciting array of non-profit groups.
  • playing an important part in school reform
  • demonstrating a record of student achievement.

*This list was developed by Leadership For Quality Education.

Click here to learn more about Arizona Charter Schools.

If you have any further questions not yet posted on this page, please contact Mrs. Crystal Danzy, Principal, at 602.323.5400.