EAGLE South Mountain Faculty

Salary Increase

EAGLE College Preparatory Schools is pleased to offer an increase in pay of 5.4% for our 2018-2019 faculty and staff at EAGLE South Mountain. We look forward to additional raises in the future along with the expected increases in state funding.

2018 – 2019 Staff


Leadership Team
– Crystal Danzy, Principal
– Ecaterina Avelar, Dean of Students/ELL director
– Doris Simmons, Dean of Students Middle School
– Frances DeWindt, School Operations Manager
– Glenna Steiner, Dean of Instruction/Title 1 Director
– Melinda Wallace, Dean of Instruction/Testing Coordinator
Office Staff
– Melissa Velez, Office Manager
– Jacqueline Munoz, Support Specialist/NLSP
Special Education
– Melody Fryberger, Special Education Teacher
– Michele Bushman, Special Education Teacher
– Derick Rosenbaum, Small group intervention EA
– Bridgette Price, Special Education
– Jennifer Carlisle, Special Education
Title 1 Reading
– Audrey Drewitz, Title 1 Specialist
– Nuha Shamroukh
– Alexandra Gallegos
First Grade
– Noelia Silva
– Shirley Cervantes
– Alyssa Anselm
Second Grade
– Mike Crocker
 Rachel Frankenhauser
– Samantha Ortiz
Third Grade
– Kaitlyn Ray
– Ashley Chavez 
– Emily Altermatt
Fourth Grade
– Daniel O’Mahony 
 Barbara Bagwill
– Regina Ponder
Fifth Grade
– James Tippin
– Belinda Musoni
– Lisa Goodthunder
Sixth/Seventh/Eighth Grade
– John Batty, Social Studies
– April Batty, Science
– Cynthia Edwards, 6th Math
– Eric Bates, 7th Math
– Joan McFadden, 8th Math
– Kandi Rosales, 6th ELA
– Kristen Wade, 7th ELA
– Suzy Law, 8th ELA
– Jared Bader, Music
– Shayla Henderson, PE
– Serena Ramirez, PE
– Tamara Haller, Art
Learning Lab Coordinators
– Darryl Ordell, Lab Assistant
Educational Assistants
– Layla Scheller
– Amanda Matteson
– Rey Carbajal
– Taylor Holt
– Sylvia Ezell
Itinerant Staff
– Tina Pieper, Speech Pathologist
– Eleutheria Company, Occupational Therapist
– Dr. Rose Nunez, Psychologist
– Melissa Duerr, Hearing Impairment Services
Safe Routes to School
 Cristina McKenney
Custodial Staff
Dora Ceron, custodial
Derrick Harper, Maintenance