Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis

Academic Development

The academic program at EAGLE College Prep is centered on the core curricular areas: reading, language arts, and mathematics. The entire academic program is rooted in Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core Standards) and extends beyond them to ensure that students are truly prepared for college.

Students will participate in teacher-directed, collaborative, and individual activities every day. Reading materials include a phonics-based reading and language arts program (Engage NY) as well as science and social studies texts like Weekly Reader and Social Studies Weekly. The primary curriculum for mathematics is Engage NY. Individual learning opportunities supporting remediation and acceleration will occur daily through the usage of CompassOdyssey and the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs from Renaissance Learning which provide computer-based, leveled activities for students in reading and mathematics. This technology allows teachers to select learning opportunities for each student based on her/his unique needs.

Character Development

In order to lay a foundation that will lead to academic greatness as well as to prepare our students for life outside of school, we will have an acute focus on character development. We will demonstrate and teach the character virtues: integrity, diligence, courage, responsibility, self-sacrifice, justice, and respect. Using stories and specific events from US History, we will provide a comprehensive program of instruction while modeling the desired character virtues ourselves. We hold our faculty and staff to a higher standard so that we can be positive role models to our students.

Character development will occur each morning at the start of the school day and throughout the week. Lessons in character development are embedded into the Language Arts curriculum for added benefit and are presented in a positive manner to gently remind students about behavioral expectations. Some expectations include correctly wearing a uniform, properly shaking hands when greeting one another, demonstrating proper etiquette, maintaining eye contact with whomever a child is speaking, etc. Students will be held accountable in a culture that continually looks to point out and celebrate both academic and behavioral success.