EAGLE Maryvale Uniforms

At EAGLE College Prep: Maryvale, we want to create a culture of excellence which is evidenced by the appearance of our building, staff, and scholars.  When our scholars present themselves with a high standard of dress, they maintain that they are working toward future success. Therefore, the following uniform expectations have been set in place:

Required Top:

  • Polo shirt with EAGLE logo (only available for purchase through EAGLE identified vendors)
  • A long-sleeved solid colored white or navy t-shirt or turtleneck may be worn under the EAGLE polo shirt.
  • White or navy solid colored sweaters with no hoods may be worn over the EAGLE polo shirt.
  • Friday College/University Day Tops (may be worn only on Fridays)
    • Shirt must promote a specific university or college and be one of the following:
      • Short or long sleeved t-shirts
      • Polo shirts
      • Sweatshirts (with no hoods)
      • Sweaters
      • Button up shirts
    • EAGLE logo t-shirts
    • Regular EAGLE uniform polo may be worn on Fridays as well

Required Bottom:

  • Khaki or navy colored uniform bottom or approved plaid
    • Pants (e.g., flat front, pleated twill)
    • Shorts* (e.g., bermuda)
    • Scooters/Skorts*
    • Jumpers*
  • *Shorts, scooters/skorts, and jumpers must be at an appropriate length.


  • Close toed athletic or dress shoes may only be worn
    • Shoes may not contain characters (e.g., Dora, Ninja Turtles), lights, rhinestones, glitter, neon colors, wheels, heels (including platforms), etc
    • Boots and sandals are not allowed
  • Shoes should be white, black, navy, or brown


  • Solid white, black, brown, or navy colored socks must be worn
  • Solid white, black, brown, or navy colored tights or leggings may be worn in place of socks

Belt: (1st grade and higher)

  • A belt must be worn if the uniform bottom has belt loops
  • Belt must be plain, solid color in either black, brown, or navy

NOTE: Realizing that it is not possible to create standards that address all scenarios of appropriate dress for EAGLE scholars, the administration reserves the right to forbid any form of fashion deemed inappropriate and/or disruptive to the educational process.