School Board

EAGLE College Prep: Mesa

Please contact the school should you be interested in serving on the School Governing Board or would like more information about the school’s governance structure.

As is required by Arizona State Charter Law, physical notices of public meetings will be posted on the front doors of EAGLE College Prep: Mesa. Electronic notices of public meetings will be posted on the school’s website.

Current Agenda:

05-30-17 Mesa Board Agenda

Previous Meetings:

01-14 Agenda
03-14 Agenda
06-24-14 Mesa Board Agenda - ADE Proposed Budget Special Meeting
07-08-14 Mesa Board Agenda - ADE Adopted Budget Special Meeting
07-17-14 Mesa Agenda
10-1-14 Mesa Agenda
10-13-14 Mesa Agenda
05-14-15 Mesa Agenda
06-15-15 Mesa Agenda
06-29-15 Agenda
05-11-16 Mesa Agenda
06-21-16 Mesa Agenda
07-05-16 Mesa Agenda
08-08-16 Mesa Agenda
09-21-16 Mesa Board Agenda
11-16-16 Mesa Board Agenda
01-18-17 Mesa Board Agenda
3-20-17 Board Gathering Notice.doc
02-22-17 Mesa Board Agenda
04-18-17 Mesa Board Agenda.pdf
05-08-17 Mesa Board Agenda.pdf

08-15-2017 Mesa Board Agenda


View the Arizona Department of Education Annual Financial Report for EAGLE College Prep Mesa, LLC

FY 2018 Budget Proposed

FY 2017 Budget

FY2016 Budget