Faculty Directory



    sarka.white [at] eagleharmony.org (Šárka White) Principal
    lydia.bowls [at] eagleharmony.org (Lydia Bowls) Dean of Students (Section 504 contact)
    cindy.lepert [at] eagleharmony.org (Cindy LePert) Director of Operations
    alyse.birkemeyer [at] eagleharmony.org (Alyse Birkemeyer) Office Manager

Lead Teachers and Educational Assistants

    jason.mckinney [at] eagleharmony.org (Jason McKinney)  Lead Kindergarten Teacher
    Lauren Dupuis Lead Kindergarten Teacher
    kayla.chamberlain [at] eagleharmony.org (K)kimberley.maestas [at] eagleharmony.org (imberley Maestas) Lead 1st Grade Teacher
    Lisa McKinney 1st Grade Educational Assistant
    megan.hariz [at] eagleharmony.org (K)kelicia.parmer [at] eagleharmony.org (elicia Parmer) Lead 2nd Grade Teacher
    Shelby Pacheco 2nd Grade Educational Assistant
    kelsey.dayton [at] eagleharmony.org (M)molly.housenga [at] eagleharmony.org (olly Housenga) Lead 3rd Grade Teacher
    David Miranda 3rd Grade Educational Assistant
    denise.sapiro [at] eagleharmony.org (Denise Sapiro) Lead 4th Grade Teacher
    Terrell Moore 4th Grade Educational Assistant
    Megan Allen Lead 5th Grade Teacher
    todd.nagle [at] eagleharmony.org (Todd Nagle) 6th/7th/8th Math Teacher
    david.mcintyre [at] eagleharmony.org (David McIntyre) 6th/7th/8th ELA & Social Studies Teacher
    Laura Chung 6th/7th/8th Math & Science Educational Assistant
    Nikki Widup Science


    dancesequins [at] live.com (Kristin Reichard)/Ashley Smith Movement Teachers
    eugene.young [at] eagelharmony.org (Eugene Young) Music Teacher
    Courtney Eddings Intervention/Enrichment K-8
    megan.hariz [at] eagleharmony.org (Megan Hariz) Title I Coordinator/ ELL Coordinator K-8
    Elizabeth Harned Title I Assistant K-8

Special Education

    Lori Taylor Special Education Teacher

Alexxis Simons

Tahara Jackson

SPED Assistant

BIS/SPED Assistant

Resumes are available for review in the office